Day-trip alert: The Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD.

$5 gets you this glass and free beers

Need a great day trip idea? Visit the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, M.D.

When you’re done with the tour you can hop on over to Frederick, MD. for some dinner and bar exploration.

Five dollars and a reservation will get you a tour of the Flying Dog Brewery facilities, a sweet pilsner glass to take home with you and five wooden chips good for five freshly-brewed and delicious beers.

You can’t beat that with a stick!

The tour guides were friendly, extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Sampling beers in the tap room at the Flying Dog Brewery in MD.

They answered beer questions and spent time with us in the tap-room following the facilities tour, offering us samples of aged beer and giving us restaurant suggestions and bar recommendations for us in town.

The tour starts in a hallway where a mural depicts the breweries origins and its founders George Stranahan,  infamous Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson and the brewery’s edgy illustrator Ralph Steadman.

Mural Hall at Flying Dog Brewery

From there, we moved into the “Brewhouse” where we got to see, touch and sample the raw beer ingredients. The next stop was the “Fermentation Hall” where we stood underneath all of the giant steel fermentation tanks. This is where the yeast is introduced combined with the raw ingredients to make the alcoholic beverage known as beer.

Flying Dog Brewery bottling machine

The "Rolls Royce of bottling machines" at the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD.

Then we walked past the “Quality Assurance Lab” (Science-y!) where the beer is tested and where the yeast is created.

Nearby was the “Filtration” area where the beer is… where the beer is… well now I forget what happens here.

In the “Filler” room we met “the Rolls Royce of bottling machines,” as our tour guide described it. The thing can fill 250 bottles per minute and right now it’s silent and still but our guide tells us that it runs in the mornings and that it’s loud.


Thanks to Brittany for this great pic of the Flying Dog Brewery Tap Room. Follow Brittany and her boyfriend in their cross country travels on

Wrapping up the tour was a trip to the packaging area where we learned that the brewery’s workers hand select the bottles in the variety packs.

Then it was back to the tap room for us where we sampled fresh, delicious, flavorful beers.

FYI: The friends who joined us on this trip set off for a cross-country adventure. Check out their photo blog for snippets from their trip.

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Breakfast at Marathon Grill on Walnut in Philly

Marathon Grill on Walnut in PhillyThe Marathon Grill on Walnut in Philly is a favorite Saturday morning spot for my boyfriend and I.

And despite numerous occasions where the food and service were excellent, this week we had a subpar experience with really lousy food. It was disappointing and I’m still sad about it.

We get to the restaurant and we’re greeted right away and shown to a nice corner booth with the window that opens to the street.

“Hey, if we can’t pay our bill we can just jump out and high-tail it outta here,” I said, sticking my arm out the window.

He laughed. “Yeah, how easy would that be?”

Then I remembered that he was like a track star and if we did run, he’d definitely get away. I’d the slow girl flip flopping along who got caught by the restaurant employees. Also I hate doing anything that requires moving quickly.

“Or we can just pay for our food,” I tell him, settling the matter.

Marathon Grill on Walnut

Toast that doubles as a ninja star in case of emergency!

We order waters, I get a coffee and boyfriend opts for the fresh-squeezed orange juice. The OJ is out of this world, but it rings in at a hefty $4 for about 10 ounces. The coffee is strong, flavorful and piping hot. Love it.

I order 2 eggs over easy with multi-grain toast and breakfast potatoes. I ordered a side of bacon. Boyfriend orders the blueberry stuffed French toast. If that boy sees French toast on the menu, he orders it, no matter what. Check out Marathon’s brunch menu.

Marathon Grill on Walnut

"Your meal comes with a side of hair..."

We talk for a while enjoying the sunshine and the warm breeze that the window’s bringing in. The atmosphere is interesting, with large floor-to-ceiling windows, exposed brick walls, glossy wooden floors, visible metal venting and these high ceilings that let all the sunlight in. The effect is one that’s airy despite the darker wood booths and heavy furniture.

A food runner drops off our meals. He tries to run off quick but I stop him with an “Excuse me, can you bring me some Tabasco?”

I look over at boyfriend’s plate and I notice that he was missing the butter or syrup. The food runner comes back with the Tabasco sauce and boyfriend asks him for syrup. He comes back with the syrup and as he’s leaving, boyfriend says, “Oh, I wanted butter too.”

I was annoyed. If you’re running someone’s food, you need to bring all the items necessary to eat that food. He should have brought us the butter, syrup. It’s annoying to have to wait for someone to bring you syrup when your food’s in front of you getting cold. Or our server should have stepped over to ask us if our food came out alright.

Marathon Grill on Walnut in Philly

His food was delicious and I was jealous.

I picked up a slice of the bacon and it wilted fully into a greasy limp blob. I put it back because I hate gooey bacon and I won’t eat it.

I was sad.

I turned my attention to my multi-grain toast. It was unbuttered and hard as a piece of wood. I struggled to break it and it cracked open with an audible snap.

“Oh my god,” boyfriend says. “Ask them for new toast, you can’t eat that.”

“I feel like I’m going to chip a tooth,” I say, but I carefully eat it anyway.

Just as I was about to cut into my egg, I noticed a short, dark hair on my plate. I picked it up and put it into a napkin, “My plate has a hair on it, look,” boyfriend looks over and says, “Oh gross, do you want to send it back?”

“No,” I said, even though I really did, I just didn’t feel like waiting around for them to remake it.

I had ordered my eggs over-easy but when I cut into them, the yolks were just about cooked through. Ugh. It reminded me of a flat hard boiled egg. I was pushed further into annoyance. Eggs are easy. When you’re paying $7 for two eggs, toast and potato, you want your eggs cooked properly. I doused the eggs with Tobasco sauce and poked at it with my toast-rock.

Marathon Grill on Walnut

The bill: A little overpriced for a breakfast that was horrible.

Then boyfriend offers me an over-sized bite of his blueberry stuffed French toast (probably because he feels bad for me because my breakfast sucked).

Anyway, his was fantastic. The French toast batter is light and sweet with a strong vanilla flavor. The Mascarpone cheese stuffing was packed with tart, fresh blueberries and it was oozing out from two large and very fluffy pieces of bread.

Our waiter, a guy named Dave (got his name off the check) was attentive and gave us quick service. He wasn’t that sociable, which I like, because he didn’t bother us with that unnecessary and intrusive banter that servers sometimes dole out. He refilled our coffee and waters without us having to ask and he was prompt with the check.

Our experience this time at Marathon Grill was really disappointing overall because usually the food is so good. We were expecting a delicious breakfast and instead mine was a total mess.

In the end, I’d still have to recommend it, hoping to chalk up this review as one bad experience. Maybe the chef just had an off day and my future trips to Marathon will be better.

At least I hope that’s the case.


Where: Marathon Grill on 10th and Walnut in Philadelphia (See it on a map)

When: Around 11:30 a.m. on a Saturday.

Summary: This time, we had a disappointing dining experience from a place that’s usually fantastic.

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Tulipano’s in Belmar (It’s a BYOB)

I love bringin' my own bottle!

My boyfriend and I decided to meet for dinner on the way home from work, and so we headed over to Tulipano’s in Belmar for some vino and some hearty Italian food.

On the way over, I ask Steven to pick up a bottle of wine because it’s a BYOB and because I’m stressed out and running late.

We get there and someone greets us and asks us if we want to sit outside. I say no and joke about the tornado watch we’re under but I check out the patio as I walk by.

It’s adorable! It’s enclosed, canopied and edged with flowers. A few light wrought iron tables were set outside for diners on the sidewalk. It would be a nice place to come on a gentle summer evening.

Our waiter was a soft-spoken sleepy-eyed guy named Matt.  He took his time approaching our table and Steven was anxious to open the wine bottle, so he sped him along with a “Can we have a wine opener?” Matt opened our bottle and poured us each a glass.

As I’m chatting up my boyfriend, I survey the place. It’s clean, the silverware shines as if it’s been polished and the tasteful decor is one of warm, rustic elegance.  The wooden floors are glossy and I like that it smells like fresh bread.

Tulipano's in Belmar

No I will not stop taking pictures of you.

There’s a table next to us and the older gentleman is speaking Italian.

That’s a good thing, I’m thinking, because if genuine Italian people eat here and like it, our food is going to be awesome. 

Matt comes over to tell us about the specials. He leaves.

“What was that appetizer special he was talking about,” boyfriend asks.

“I don’t know, I couldn’t concentrate on anything once I heard about the snapper,” I said.

“And I didn’t hear anything after that appetizer, the one with the mushrooms,” he says.

“We’ll ask him about it when he gets back,” I say.

Our server tells  us that the mushrooms are stuffed with Italian sausage and broccoli rabe, then finished off with a lemon butter sauce. They were $11.

“We’ll have those,” we tell  him, practically drooling.

Someone stops by to bring us some bread and a sweet tomato dipping

sauce. The bread was warm, fresh and fluffy inside. We tore right into it, chatting and eating it all.

Tulipano's in Belmar

I almost didn't get a pic because we ate them so fast!

Our appetizer came out along with fresh plates and there are 3 mushroom caps swimming in a light sauce.

“Well we should have seen that one coming,” boyfriend says, staring disappointedly at the tiny serving size.

I do math and figure that each mushroom cap costs about $3.50 which is a completely overpriced if you ask me. They should have given us one more mushroom at least. Honestly, who creates an appetizer that can’t even be shared.

I take the biggest mushroom cap and cut it into 4 pieces. Before I’ve even put my knife down, Steven’s done with his, saying “These are awesome!”

I take a bite and instantly disregarded my thought that they were overpriced because they were easily the best stuffed mushrooms I’ve ever had. The mushroom caps melted in my mouth, the broccoli rabe and sausage stuffing was salty and crispy and that tart lemony glaze left a pleasing flavor on my palate that left me wishing this were my main course.

“Holy shit these are amazing,” I said to boyfriend.

He’s politely cut the other mushroom in half, effectively splitting the appetizer. I love that he’s so considerate, but I tell him he can have it because it’s obvious that he’s just completely dying to eat it.

We sop up all that sauce on the appetizer plate with the bread because it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

Tulipano's in Belmar

Look at how handsome my date is!

I ordered the chicken Marsala.

When it came to the chicken, veal, or shrimp entrées, the menu was worded in a way that could be confusing. It listed the meat, followed by an assortment of preparation styles and that had his head swimming. He kept thinking it was one dish, with different side items.

We were both reviewing it, confusing each other and then I was trying to explain it and he got frustrated. “Just tell me which one I want!” he said.

“I think you want the shrimp Parmesan,” I said quietly and he shut the menu, relieved.

Our dinner was timed nicely. The server wasn’t intrusive and he gave us plenty of time to enjoy our wine and our conversation

Tulipano's in Belmar

It looks a little cluttered but it was freaking delicious.


Our entrées came out on thick white square plates and they were heavily garnished.

On my plate, a tender chicken breast rested on top of a mound of mashed potatoes with a whole carrot and a thick breaded zucchinni slice on the side. A light marsala sauce with delicate whole mushrooms swimming in it covered most of my dish.

I look over at boyfriend’s dish and he’s got breaded jumbo shrimp arranged in a hearty amount of red sauce topped with fresh mozzarella cheese over linguine.

I tried a bite of it and it was fantastic. The sauce was tangy and not too thick. The jumbo shrimp pieces were fresh with a firm bite and fried in a thin layer of zesty breadcrumbs that stood up to the sauce so that there was a satisfying crunch when you bit down.

Tulipano's in Belmar

Check please?

The next day, via email I asked him to describe his dish using five very descriptive adjectives. Here’s what I got in response: “I was happy with my entrée choice and it was pretty much what I expected. I liked the cheesy shrimp parm parts and the sauce was good. Five descriptive words? Come on.”

Anyway, my dish was fantastic. The chicken was juicy, amazingly tender. The sauce was super flavorful but not too heavy and I loved the mushrooms and ate every single one.

My food came out hot (I hate cold mashed potatoes) and it was obvious that it was prepared with care.

All in all, I give this restaurant high praise for being clean, pleasant, with delicious food and a relaxed and classy atmosphere. The service was decent and the prices were reasonable.

I wholeheartedly recommend it!

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Joey’s Stone Fired Pizza on South Street in Philly

At Joey's Stone Fired Pizza on South StreetWhen it comes to pizza, I like the ingredients fresh and the crust thin and crispy… and that’s just what I got at Joey’s Stone Fired Pizza on South Street.

It’s a Thursday and my boyfriend and I head down South Street in Philadelphia for some dinner.

Joey's Stone Fired Pizza

Now that looks delicious.

We walk into Joey’s and it’s empty. “Where is everyone?” I ask the waitress who greets us.

She jokes with us and we sit down and glance at the special menu. They have interesting pizza choices on special and we pick the Jersey Tomato pie because we’re hungry and it sounds interesting. It’s a thin crust pizza with mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, Jersey tomato slices, fresh basil and cherry peppers.

Then boyfriend comments that Joey’s is a BYOB and asks me if we should grab a bottle of wine somewhere.

“That’s a great idea,” I said. “Let’s ask them where the closest wine store is.”

We ask the pizza-maker behind the counter and he says there’s a wine store a few blocks down on 5th and Pine Street. Then he offers to go get it for us and we thanked him for his offer but said we’d take the walk. The pizza maker tells us he’ll wait for us to get back before putting the pie in.

“It only takes like 5 minutes to get this pizza cooked,” he tells us.

We left our sodas on the table and took the walk to the wine store where we grabbed a bottle of Australian Malbec.

When we got back to the pizzaria, the guy behind the counter gave us a thumbs up and slipped the pizza into their stone-lined oven and the waitress helps me open up our bottle.

Our pizza came out and man it smelled delicious. I hovered over it for a second and breathed in the heavenly pizza vapors that were steaming up from the bubbly pie.

Joey's Stone Fired Pizza

Love when the checks are this low

It was a large pie about 15 inches in diameter with the thinnest, crispiest crust I’ve ever seen.

Instead of the traditional triangle slices, it was divided up in square pieces in the Neapolitan-style.

It was hot, fresh and freaking delicious. Thinking about that first bite STILL makes me salivate.

Boyfriend plucked off the cherry peppers as I happily took them and added them to my slices.

Fragrant fresh basil leaves dotted the pizza and thin Jersey tomato slices sunk down into the bed of cheeses. The cheese melted in the goopy delicious way that fresh mozzarella does. I finished all my slices, savoring the crust in a way that’s abnormal for me because I usually leave the crusts.

The large pie fed both of us and we ate the whole thing. There wasn’t one little scrap of that pizza left on the pan.

“I can’t believe this place isn’t packed all the time,” I told boyfriend, “This pizza is so good.”

I think told him that I thought it was the best pizza I’ve ever had and then we had a conversation about how I overuse that phrase.

Maybe I overuse that phrase, but I really meant it this time. It was the best pizza I’ve ever had.

Also, our bill was less than $20.

  • WHEN: Thursday May 29, 2011 at around 7 p.m.
  • WHERE: South Street Philadelphia, PA.
  • COST: Reasonable
  • DRESS CODE: Casual
  • SUMMARY: The pizza was fantabulous, the staff was attentive and friendly and our bill was under $20.
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